Planning a personalized wedding ceremony helps crystalize the promises and meaning you choose to express on this most important day.

Creating a custom wedding ceremony requires the guidance of an expert who knows how to tell a great story and enjoys the collaborative process. Marion Seymour not only offers this expertise but brings wisdom and respect to the table to ensure her clients have a wonderful experience and an incredible wedding ceremony.

First Steps—
After the initial contact Marion Seymour will arrange a time for a more in depth meeting by phone, Skype, or in person. This is a casual opportunity for the couple to share their wedding plans, ask questions, and determine if there is a good fit.

After learning more about the wedding arrangements and ceremony expectations Marion will provide a price quote. If you choose to secure Marion’s services, a deposit to save your date will be requested and a ceremony agreement will be exchanged. At this time information about legal marriage licenses will be reviewed. It is the responsibility of the couple to obtain a legal marriage license prior to the wedding.

Creating The Ceremony—
With light-hearted guidance and a questionnaire, Marion will begin to learn more about the couple and start her design process. Marion brings genuine warmth and knowledge to the experience to make it enjoyable, and in some cases enlightening, for the couple.

A variety of approaches are then employed based on the couple’s wishes. Marion provides consultation for readings, vows, stories, quotes, rituals or other elements. With a couple’s wish-list as her compass she creates the ceremony structure and writes a first draft. She then collaborates with the couple to make edits and adjustments and work together toward a perfect draft. Marion respects her clients’ wishes and gives them the final say on the wording, elements, tone, style and length of the ceremony.

Larger more elaborate ceremonies may require rehearsals, smaller more simple weddings may not. This should be determined at the time of the ceremony agreement but may be added later for an additional cost if schedules allow.

The Wedding Day—
On the wedding day Marion will arrive early to make sure the marriage license is signed and properly filled out. The post-ceremony submission requirements for the license are different for United States citizens and non-citizens. This will be covered prior to the wedding day.

In performing the ceremony Marion is eloquent, graceful and sincere. She adds emotion, humor, or a solemn touch in amounts prescribed by each couple. When it comes time for vows she guides each individual with consideration for their own pace and comfort level. With over 25 years of experience performing live, on radio, and on TV, she is also adept at improvising if the flower girl or ring bearer goes astray or weeping breaks out in the front row. When the ceremony is over she will beam with pride and share in your joy.